Tuesday, January 6, 2015


2014 for me has been filled with a bunch of ups and downs.  Some moments, I was able to overcome some great hurdles and other moments I felt I didn't accomplish much.But it's all about the end result right? I'm leaving the past in the past and focusing on some new things this year! Here are 3 things I'm leaving behind in 2014 and 3 things I'm looking forward to in this fabulous new year!

- Negative Nancy Attitude.

No more negativity!! Im gonna try to be positive about everything this year. I'm not saying I wont have any bad moments, but I'm gonna try to look at them from a brighter and happier perspective.

- Junky Processed Foods/ Generally Unhealthy Lifestyle.

Only fruits and veggies please!! Im gonna try to go a full year without eating junky processed foods!
I'll be embracing a completely new and improved healthy lifestyle :) that includes alot of physical exercises, eating right and just enjoying life period!

- Not Getting Out of My Comfort Zone Enough.

I need to learn how to enjoy new things! I've realized lately, that I've been kind of a square and so use to being in my own boring comfort zone. It's time for me to step out and live a little! and hopefully I'll be able to do that in 2015 :)

So there you have it! My top 3 things that I'm leaving behind and the top three things I'm looking forward to this new year. This next year I'll be focusing on my health, inside out and just trying to have a more positive and wholesome attitude! What are your goals for this year?! Comment down below!!

xo Sarahi


  1. great list, these are also goals of mine!

    happy new year <3

    xx Sera | http://stardustbohemian.com

  2. Good luck on your goals! I have nominated you for the Liebster award, here is the link to what you have to do and the question from me to you!
    Have fun!



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