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A glamorous collaboration between two fashion savvy bloggers.

SPICEADVICEXO : HELLO MY FABULOUS QUEENS!! This is a special collaboration post and I'm so excited to share it with you guys :) I and a fellow blogger by the name of stardustbohemian have decided to join our blogs together today and form stardustadvicexo. Since my blog is mainly about giving advice and stardustbohemian's blog is as fashion forward as you can get, we decided to collaborate and show you some
Fashion Etiquette 101.

  STARDUSTBOHEMIAN : Hey guys~ today we will be introducing 5 clothing articles and giving our own personal opinions on how we would style them. Since SpiceAdvicexo and myself come from different unique perspectives--we thought it would be fun to let you guys know how we would complete each outfit. In the
end, we would like to know who's style you would most likely choose for each category!
Let's get it started :)


SPICEADVICEXO: I love a cozy pullover sweater!! My favorite way to rock it is by wearing some really tight skinny jeans just to balance the looseness of the sweater and some really cute studded combat boots.

STARDUSTBOHEMIAN: I would probably style this with thigh high black stockings, barely showing shorts,boots and a wide brimmed hat.


SPICEADVICEXO: When we think about blazers we almost immediately think professional, but I don't!! We can definitely make a blazer a little bit more casual by pairing it up with a blouse, some loose boyfriend jeans and some trendy cute flats.

STARDUSTBOHEMIAN: I don't normally wear blazers, but I can see this styled with some pleather leggings and maybe a white crop top/ bra-let to make it more fun and casual--and less business. 

3.) COAT

SPICEADVICEXO: This coat is very stylish! I'll definitely rock it with some skin-tight leather pants and some hot six-inch pumps. I'll also add some shiny gold accessories to give it a little pop. 


STARDUSTBOHEMIAN: I would style this coat with black opaque stockings and black velvet knee high boots. To finish the look I would wear a Black Wide Brimmed Hat~


SPICEADVICEXO: These are some really cool and edgy booties! Call me crazy, but I would soften them up by wearing a light flirty dress and a rugged vintage denim jacket over the top. I'll put my hair up in an adorable top knot and keep my make up light and neutral. The result? Stylish Boho Chic!

STARDUSTBOHEMIAN: I get a rocker vibe from these heels. I would style these shoes to go along with a girl who was wearing a leather jacket and a white maxi dress. AND to finish the look she would have Dark Plum Lips :)


SPICEADVICEXO: These overalls are super cute!! If I were to ever muster up the courage one day and wear these, I would definitely rock it with a heather grey graphic crop tee, a pair of wide-rimmed nerdy chic glasses and a awesome pair of pink creepers. 

STARDUSTBOHEMIAN: For this look I would keep it simple, since overalls are such a staple piece themselves. I would have to wear this with a simple black bandeau, a flannel tied around the waist and have my hair braided up in a milkmaid braid!

STARDUSTADVICEXO: These are our top 5 wardrobe must-haves and our favorite ways to wear them. We hope you enjoyed reading this collaboration post as much as we did creating it! We enjoyed showing you our styles and how we would put our own personal twists into these everyday pieces. So... whos look would you rock? We want to know!

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xo Sarahi

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