Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I just wanted to write this post because I wanted to clarify what my blog is about. I'm not a beauty guru and I'm not a how-to DIY internet queen. I feel like the main message of my blog has sort-of been misconstrued somehow along the way and I'm going to clear that all up today. But to do that, I need to give some background on how SpiceAdviceXO came about, so here goes nothing :)

Soo, I don't have any social networks because I kind of always felt like I never had much to say or that if I did say something, it wouldn't be valued. That's kind of been my life. Being the youngest, sometimes you feel like your thoughts and feelings aren't valued as much as you would like them to be and unfortunately for me, those feelings latched on to me and stayed for what feels like an eternity. Those feelings have affected almost every aspect of my life. At one point, it felt like it was physically debilitating and was just ruining me.

 I couldn't go to school without being completely self-conscious. I couldn't focus, I had really bad pounding headaches and just felt like I couldn't function at all. One day I walked out of school and never returned. Yes, I was scared but I knew that that wasn't the end of me. I didn't quit on myself and I enrolled in an online school program soon after. It took me a while to get use to the online school idea but after a while, shockingly, I really enjoyed the experience.  I enjoyed the experience so much that one night, I wrote a blog post on the site. I woke up the next morning and saw the positivity and how receptive people were of what I had to say. People valued what I said and it meant a lot to me. I was touched, and very soon after, SpiceAdviceXO was born. That was three months ago, and I'm still enjoying every bit of this journey. This blog has been such an expressive outlet for me and I've been able to express myself in ways that are unimaginable.I talk about what I want to talk about. Yes, I love fashion! Yes, I love talking about the latest trends and styles... but there are bigger things to life than these things! My main goal with this blog is to help whoever I can, in any way I can. Sometimes you'll get a funny random post to put a smile on your face, sometimes you'll get a serious post to help you and teach you a thing or two, and sometimes you'll just get some fashion forward advice to get your wardrobes fabulous and up to par, but you will always get me, I promise. I may talk about fashion and all the superficial stuff sometimes.(I'M A GIRL PEOPLE!) But that's not the main message & purpose of this blog. So if your mainly focused on the superficial things in life and the glitz and glam of it all,I don't think you'll have much fun reading this blog.

If your not just a beauty/fashion blogger and you feel like your blogs main message is being misconstrued or confused for something that it's completely not about, make it clear! WRITE A POST TITLED "I'M NOT JUST A BEAUTY/ FASHION BLOGGER." and let us know the beginnings of your blogging journey and what your main message and goal is with your blog. Let's get a movement started people!! :)

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xo Sarahi


  1. Oh Sarahi!! I need to do this tag too!! Even I'm not a fashion blogger..:p I am kinda human too!!! I actually complete feel you, dear!! Sometimes, you just want to blog something apart from fashion!! :(


  2. Nice post


  3. wow this speaks to me. In my blog im not just a fashion blogger too, i do random stuff in my blog.

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  4. I totally agree! Great post! I always try to hold up the balance on my blog because I want to share everything ^_^

    ♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

  5. It's really great you're being so honest and upfront! Such a well written piece :)

    I think it's so important to discuss, write and blog about different matters, my blog is primarily a fashion blog but I've also opened up about anxiety, my fear of flying and I wrote a post a few weeks ago just getting lots of emotion out! Blogging should be about what we want it to be, so well done you for blogging for you and only you! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  6. great post dear. I love the honesty you instill in this post =) keep it up =)
    thank you so much for visitng my blog =) keep in touch. new post:

  7. What a lovely post! I agree, once in a while a comment will make me smile and one will make me think. Keep up the great blog!

    xx Cissy
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  8. i feel you..


  9. Well put! It's so important for people to realize that our blogs are authentic!

  10. Love this!!! I love how clearly you state that this is just not only about fashion. I think sometime we as user, and as bloggers as well tend to forgot that.

    Kreyola Jounerys


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