Monday, September 1, 2014


It's easy to get frustrated and to put yourself down when you don't meet those imaginary, impossible high standards that we all as humans set for ourselves.We all want to go far in life, we all are on a mission for success and self-empowerment. Don't be upset if your not where you want to be at this stage in your life,you are a work in progress.

I beat myself up all the time about where I am today and all the things that I should've done to avoid being in my present day confused blur of a life.We always think about the past and try to figure out the things that could've been done differently.What if we looked into our past and looked at all the positive things that we accomplished, all the great people we have met, all the lovely memories that brought wide smiles to our faces and warmed our hearts with passion and joy, instead of all the dark memories, all the bad life choices that brought us deep regret and made us question who we are, our capabilities and the capacity of our potential? What if to look at today differently, you had to look at the past differently also? The key to change is a complete shift within yourself and your being. Accepting your faults and constantly pushing your limits.

Disregard whatever it is you think that has led to the negtive thoughts and feelings that you have about yourself today and think about all the positive things that has happened in your life that has led to all the wonderful and amazing things that you are at this very moment.

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xo Sarahi

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