Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Look at what styles and trends are popular today.Why are these trends so popular? Why are people following this trend? If your trying to start a new trend or simply influence your close pals to change up their style , here are 3 tips on how to be a persuasive fashionista :)

1.) Let your creativity SOAR!!

Think out of the box, there are million things that have already been done. People want something thats new,fresh,and different. Let your creativity go crazy and take you places that you've never been before!

2.) Believe in your stylish new movement.

Be confident that your fashion ideas and creativity are awesome. If your not confident in what your trying to put out into the world, no one is going to follow your movement. Model your new styles and be your biggest supporter.

3.) Don't ignore other people's feedback.

You're ultimate goal is to win people over. If they're not feeling it , they're simply not going to follow your new trend. Listen to what people have to say and take their opinions into consideration.

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xo Sarahi

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