Friday, July 11, 2014


Ok, so this is a post that will help you deal with those pesky family members that you just can't stand. I have a sibling who I constantly butt heads with and I can never seem to get a long with. Not only does it give me a headache but it also negatively affects the people that we love and care for around us, and that my friend, isn't fair. Lets get one thing straight : Just because your biologically related to someone doesn't mean that you can't have an unhealthy horrible relationship that could potentially be really bad for you and needs to be COMPLETELY CUT OFF!! which is not a bad option but if you wanna keep things cordial, Here are my tips on how I deal with my "lovely" sisters :)

- Don't say things that would trigger or get a rise out of the other person. 

Lets be honest, if you say or do something that you know is gonna get a rise out of that family member...your asking for it. Stay on the safe zone, don't even bring up that horrific embarrassing story during family dinner that's going to humiliate them and make them blush and squirm.

- Apologize even if you don't know what you did wrong. 

Be the bigger person, not only does it show maturity and growth on your part,it wins you points with the people around you.

- Stay away from their personal belongings. 

Don't give that person any reason to yell or confront you about anything. Respect needs to be given as much as it needs to be earned.

- Be kind.

Take them out on a lunch, Buy them a shirt or a new gadget.

Give yourself every chance possible to make the relationship work. In the end, you don't wanna ask yourself " Is there anything I could've possibly done to make this relationship work?"

If all of this fails, you have to ask yourself a bigger question : Is this relationship worth the stress?

Did these tips help you? Let me know on the comments below :)

xo Sarahi

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