Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Biting my nails when I'm nervous, watching way too much T.V,and picking on my skin as soon as I see a zit forming. These are my bad habits and I'm going to make it my goal to break them!! Here are 4 first steps you can take to finally break out of your destructive bad habits if you are having trouble figuring out how to start.

STEP #1: Acknowledge that you have a bad habit.

The 1st step to breaking out of a bad habit is simple : realize that you have a bad habit.If you don't recognize your faults, you'll never be able to fix them. But don't just stop at just listing your bad habits, get detailed information! Figure out exactly why you do it. Do you do it when your nervous, tired, happy or sad? When your alone, or when people are around? These questions are important because it will help you pin-point the exact triggers of your bad habits so that you can know what things you need to avoid and how to deal with these triggers in the future.

STEP #2: Do some research!!

Next, do your research!! Figure out what these bad habits are doing to you and how it's affecting your body. If you see all the negative effects of your bad habits, maybe it'll turn you completely off of them. SCARE YOURSELF OUT OF BITING YOUR BACTERIA INFESTED NAILS PEOPLE!! In this case, it's OK to be scared :)

STEP #3: Good distractions.

Now that you know your bad habits, what triggers them and done your full-on research/investigation, you can figure out a way to distract yourself from doing them. Go for a jog, read a book, start a new hobby, there's a thousands things that you can do to keep yourself busy.


Tell your friends that your trying to stop a bad habit and have them smack you upside your head every time you slip back into your old ways! Well maybe not smack you upside the head but you get my point. It'll be a cool way to have a strong support system and also build your relationships with your close pals , and if you do kick off that bad habit, you not only feel great about yourself but you know that you have some great people around you that'll support you through anything.

These are my 4 first steps on how to break a bad habit. YOU CAN DO IT!! :)

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xo Sarahi

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