Tuesday, July 29, 2014


How do you genuinely connect with the real you? How do you really figure out if something suits you or not? Here are 3 tips that would help you figure those things out a little better :

If it doesn't feel right, chances are it isn't you.

You shouldn't feel uncomfortable with whatever it is that your pursuing. If something doesn't feel right, then most likely it isn't something that suits your character or that's going to benefit you.This is when your self conscious speaks. Listen to your self conscious and follow your instincts because usually, they're always right.

Does this help you contribute or get closer to your ultimate life goal?

Small goals help you get closer to your ultimate life goal. In order to lead a successful life, one should always have a set of small goals that help motivate you and help contribute to your ultimate life goal. Whatever it is that your pursuing now, should help you get one step closer to making your ultimate life goal a reality in the future. So ask yourself , Is this going to help me get closer to my ultimate life goal or distract me from it?

Does it get your creative juices flowing?

Does it make you happy? Does it revive a spark of passion within you? Does it push you into unleashing the power of your full potential? Does it make you think in new, inventive and innovative ways? A fire of motivation, determination and limitless creativity should be lit inside of you every time you do whatever it is that you love and that is an overall extension of who you are.

So here are 3 tips that has helped me when making tough decisions that involve my character, and who I am. I hope these are 3 tips that you take into consideration the next time you think about taking on something or doing something that compromises your character and who you really are.

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