Sunday, July 13, 2014


There's nothing better than music that is timeless. Music that you can listen to one day, and play months later and ask yourself " WHY DID I STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG??". I have a couple of tracks in mind that always have me asking that question, but here are the top 5!

1.) Go Outside - Cults

This song is so simple yet it takes you on a ride every time you put your headphones on and listen to it. This is the ideal song to play when your sitting by your window on a rainy day reading a book. I love this song its so soothing and relaxing and its just pure....euphoria.

2.) Hearts on Fire - Passenger

The acoustic guitar on this track is die for. This song is literally the sole reason why I want to learn how to play guitar, so that I can play it all day,everyday. There's also a version that features Ed Sheeran which is really nice too because his vocals harmonize so well with Mike Rosenberg's sultry voice. If you haven't heard it yet, you're missing out !!

3.) One Woman Army - Kate Earl

I heard this song on "The Bachelorette", Desiree Hartsocks season and I was in awe. What really captured my attention was how genuine and beautiful the lyrics were and how everything fit together perfectly, instruments and all. This song is one of the few songs that I've heard that is just so well composed and is able to just come together so nice. Amazing song.

4.) Lies - Marina and The Diamonds

This song is just awesome, I love the concept of the song and just the way everything flows together. I'm not a big fan of auto-tune, but Marina made me a believer. Great song to listen to when you get out of that horrible, sucky relationship with that jerky boyfriend...Oops,I mean ex-boyfriend, see? he so old news already. Thanks to Marina :)

5.) Safe and Sound- Taylor Swift

This list wouldn't be complete without a bit of Taylor Swift. Yeah I know what your thinking, "The pony singing, glitter wearing, boy crazy song-writing Taylor Swift?" Um yeah, we're talking about the same Taylor Swift. She has rare moments when she can be able to strike a chord with her older fans and really resonate with them. She's a very versatile artist and when she's not talking about all this surface level,glitter, tween bull crap, her music is magical. Yeah I said it MAGICAL :)

So these are my top 5 songs that I can't live without!! What are yours? Comment below

xoxo Sarahi

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